Ruth receives Critical Acclaim:


Municipal League Candidate Evaluation Committee

The Candidate Evaluation Committee of The Municipal League is well known as unbiased and thorough in their criteria for judging candidates.

In 2014 - Ruth was judged: Outstanding!

The committee are a non partisan group of citizens who hold candidates to the highest standards.

What are the ratings and how are they determined?

Each candidate is given a rating of Outstanding, Very Good, Good, Adequate, Poor, or Not Qualified. The criteria used to reach these ratings are:

Knowledge: General intelligence; understanding of community issues; knowledge of government structure and process; education and/or experience.

:Success in previous endeavors; demonstrated initiative in contributing to the solution of problems; ability to describe a vision, to implement ideas, to work well with others; leadership.

Character: Thought and action consistent with personal principles; integrity; objectivity.

Involvement: Quality and quantity of participation in civic activities; demonstrated initiative; degree of responsiveness to constituencies.

The Committee's determination was based an intensive interview process with Ruth and from other compiled data. Some of the information was a questionnaire which Ruth filled out.

You can download the
questionnaire here:

award-pdf Download Ruth's 2014 Municipal League Questionnaire
To see Ruth's 2014 Municipal League Rating visit their web site...


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